M60 A3 Main Battle Tank

Entering service with the US Army in 1960, the M60A became one of the world's most successful main battle tanks. More than 15,000 were produced, serving in the armies of 22 countries with proven battlefield performance over four decades, and were continuously advanced and upgraded with advanced weapons control, ammunition and armor, and increasingly powerful engines.

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Length with gun forward29'-3"
Weight57.3 tons
Ground clearance18"
Acceleration, 0 to 20mph15 seconds
Maximum road speed30mph
Maximum cross-country speed;10 to 12mph
Maximum gradient60 percent
Cruise range312 miles
Main gun105mm M68E1 rifled cannon
Ammunition storage63 rounds
Coaxial weapon 7.62 mm M240 machine gun
Commander's weapon.50cal M85 machine gun
Smoke grenade launcherM239
Engine759hp Continental air-cooled diesel
Fuel capacity378 gallons


The M60 A3 is perhaps best known as the main battle tanks of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the USA during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

Acquired as a transfer of equipment from Camp Roberts, our M60A was trucked in on 30 May 2003 and placed on a specially-prepared reinforced concrete pad.

Manufactured by General Dynamics, Land Systems Division, Sterling Heights MI.

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