Board of Directors

Our board is committed to work together to help preserve the heritage that is entrusted to them. We believe in honesty, integrity and a devotion to seeing the Estrella Warbirds Museum succeed.

The Estrella Warbirds Museum Board of Directors meets on the third Wednesday of each month to discuss ongoring requirements. Individual committees meet separately during the month and report to the board at monthly meetings. Board meetings are governed by Robert's Rules of Order. Active Past Board Presidents retain voting rights on the board. Board members are recommended by the Nominating Committee and are voted on to serve a two year term. All board positions are voluntary.

Any Estrella Warbirds Museum member is welcome to attend the monthly meetings. The agenda and items for discussion at the board are set the week prior to monthly meetings.Non agenda items are not routinely discussed at the board and only following regular board meeting with majority vote appoval for discussion.

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John Couch, Board President, Estrella Warbirds Museum

John Couch

President of the Board
Rules & Procedures Executive Committee
Financial Planning Committee

Maargi Bauer, Board Vice President, Estrella Warbirds Museum

Margi Bauer

Board Vice President
Executive Committee
Volunteer Program Manager

Cindy Bergin, Board Treasurer, Estrella Warbirds Museum

Cindy Bergin

Board Treasirer
Funds Devopment Committee

Carol Verstuyft, Board Secretary, Estrella Warbirds Museum

Carol Verstuyft

Secretary of the Board
Executive Committee, Advertising

Ron Brooks, Board Member, Building Maintenance, Estrella Warbirds Museum

Ron Brooks

Board Member
Facility Maintenance

Mary Allmon, Board Member, Estrella Warbirds Museum

Mary Allmon

Board Member
Youth Aviation Group

Rob Kinnear, Board Member, Estrella Warbirds Museum

Rob Kinnear

Board Member
Aircraft Restoration
Past President 2018-2021
Past President 2010-2012

Mike kelley, Board Member Estrella Warbirds Museum

Mike Kelley

Board Member
Use Committee
Radio Club

Ren Stelloh III, Board Member, Past President, Estrella Warbirds Museum

Ren Stelloh

Board Member
Marketing Manager
30 Year Anniversary

Laurie Smoot, Board Member,  Estrella Warbirds Museum

Laurie Smoot

Board Member

Estrella Warbirds Museum
Celebrating 30 Years!

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