1944 IHC M-2-4

The M-2-4 is a one-ton, two-axle, four-wheel-drive cargo truck built by I.H.C. for the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII. IHC missed out on a big Army contract, but did well with the Marine Corps and the Navy. The IHC M-1-4 1/2 ton and the M-2-4 one ton both served with disctinction in the Pacific Theatre, where the Marines bore the brunt of the land battles. Both trucks were similar though most M-1-4's used the 213 cubic inch Green Diamond Engine and the M-2-4's had the bigger 233 cubic inch Red Diamond. Other difference included 7.50-16 tires on the lighter rig and 9.00-16's on the larger series M-2-4.

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ID No: 49692
Serial No: 9592
Engine: Green Diamond 233 cubic inch flathead 6 cylinder
Max Speed: 45 MPH
Fuel Capacity: 35 Gallons
HorsePower: 93 HP
Electrical: 6-Volt
Range: 260 Miles
Length: 197 inches
Weight: Gross: 8020 lbs Net: 5820 lbs
No. Produced: 10,101
Status: Working Display
Owner: Gary Corippo,


The M-1-4/M-2-4 Truck was a verstile vehicle that behan life before WWII. The Marines had been purchasing and using existing models of IH trucks for several years. In the late 1930's as the country was gearing up for war, the corps wanted a new combat vehicle. Rather than modify an existing model, they developed their own set of specs to meet their unique needs. IHC agreed to develop a series of vehicles including a 1/2 ton vehicle which closely resembled the IH D-15. The initial version was the M-1-4. By early 1941, it had completed testing and by summer was in full production. 1126 were ultimately produced. By mid-war, however, the introduction of the Ford and Willys Jeep forced out the 1/2 ton M-1-4 and production ceased by 194. The 1-ton M-2-4 would continue to be produced through 1944, with 9,101 being produced. Both were equiped with Green Diamond engines, the M1 with the 214 CID type, and the M2 with the 233 cubic inch, 93 hp, flathead 6-cylinder version.

The original delivery date was 10-30-44. This vehicle was rescued from a junkyard in Firebaugh, CA, by EWM member Gary Corippo in 1997 and given a complete restoration by EWM staff in 2009.

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