NASCAR (Winston Cup) Stock Car

This number 17 chassis/body combination was built specifically for racing on the short tracks, bull-rings, of the NASCAR circuit which includes int 1/2 and 1 mile tracks. (Notice the extreme camber in the right rear axle/wheel, the large air duct openings in the front of the car for maximum brake cooling and the large cutouts in the fenders, both front and rear to help prevent fenders being pushed into the tires as short track racing tends to be a bit more physical.

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Vehicle Type NASCAR (Winston Cup) Stock Car
Year Built 1992
Built By DARWAK (Darryl Waltrip's Team) and Ivan Baldwin
Engine Chevrolet 358 cubic inch, aluminum heads, single 4 barrel carburetor, estimated 730 horsepower
Owner Dan Verstuyft


A specific long term history was not available for this particular car/chassis on a per race basis but we do know that the car first raced in Martinsville, Virginia, in April 1993, where it finished 3rd.

It is estimated that this car had an approximate 5 year life span on the grueling NASCAR short tracks and was probably relegated to a back-up position at that time.

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