BN7 Mk I, 2 Seat Roadster

The Austin-Healey was the brain child of Donald Healey. He was among those who had envisioned the popularity of a post WW II sports/touring car both in Europe as well as in the United States.

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Vehicle Type Austin Healey Sports Car - 300, Mk1 BN1 2 seater
Year Built 1961
Built By British Motor Corporation
Suspension Leaf Spring Rear and Independent Front Coil Springs
Engine 2912 cubic centimeters in-line 6 cylinder, 2 SU carburetors, 124 bph
Owner Claudia Covert Woodland


Various models were produced from 1953 through 1971. They ranged from the BNI Austin-Healey 100 to the 3000, the Mk I and the Mk II as well as the little brother, the Austin-Healey Sprite.

This particular car model was produced from 1953 - 1961. It is reasonably rare as of the 13,650 produced during this period, 10,825 were the 2 + 2 passenger model BT7 Mk I while only 2,825 of the 2 seat BN7 Mk I's were produced. It was completely restored in 2010 by Alex Lopez of Paso Robles, California.

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