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Estrella Warbirds Museum is one of the fastest growing museums in CA

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There is always plenty to do and see at Estrella Warbirds Museum whether you are 3 or 93!

"Warbirds Over Paso" Air Show
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Armament & Ordnance

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Aircraft at the museum can be privately owned and on display, on loan from military organizations or belong to Estrella Warbirds Museum

Watch this space for upcoming additions!

Welcome to the Woodland Family Automobile Display

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Note: In order to keep the displays looking fresh, some of the listed vehicles may be temporarily cycled out for maintenance, on loan, or to make room for other vehicles.

Missiles On DIsplay at Estrella Warbirds Museum

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Vehicles on display are frame up restorations. Got talent? We've got more to do.

Got Questions? Contact Us! Our vehicle displays are always changing. You will find something new with each visit.

Estrella Warbirds Museum is one of the fastest growing museums in CA

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Estrella Warbirds Museum

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Some of the many things you will find at the Estrella Warbirds Museum:

  • Woodland Automobile Display
  • Restored military vehicles
  • Quad .50 cal Machine gun
  • F-104 Starfighter
  • F-14B
  • Like things fast?
  • C-47B
  • 1912 Ford Model A Ambulance
  • Half-Track
  • Ambulance
  • Warbirds Event as seen from the air
  • P-51D during Warbirds Over Paso
  • Peckinpaugh Reference Library
  • Old type high tech
  • Armament
  • Historic Warbirds
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Latest Updates From Estrella Warbirds Museum

  • April Monthly Dinner Speaker
  • May Events
    • Warbirds Wings & Wheels 7, Register now!

    • Kyle Petty Charity Ride Stopover to be at EWM, May 2d
      More information click here

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Did you know that when you shop at your shopping can benefit the Estrella Warbirds Museum? Every time you make a purch of eligible items, a portion of the sale will be donated to Estrella Warbirds Museum. Bookmark this link!.

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If you attended the Warbirds Wings & Wheels 6 event and have pictures and comments to share, we'd like to hear from you!


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